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Gnar (unless Darius is super experienced), Karma, Cass, Kennen, a good Fiora, a good Mundo, a good kayle, a good trynda 6. Reply.

On average, Mordekaiser wins a whopping Darius is extremely difficult for all Singed players to deal with, don't try to fight Darius as he will almost always win the trades. Level 1 you can beat him if you can land an empowered Q on him but I wouldn't recommend it. Decimate Q needs to be dodged or juked out, but if you can't go to his handle of his Axe as it does not apply Hemmorhage nor heal him.

Parry his w instead of e, because his w is easier to parry and it will give him one his passive stacks, his e wont!! Darius is fairly immobile and easy to trap in your wall.

Braum vs Darius Counter Build | MOBA Champion

If he gets as low as half hp and wastes any cooldown you can kill him with a long trade. Most importantly, don't ever get hooked by Darius, you can do his by staying behind minions whilst his hook is up.

Reading Time: 6 mins read. This ability is linked to his passive as it only does dangerous damage upon 5 stacks. Save your Facebreaker for his Apprehend E. Update: Darius just got buffed against tanks!

Just give up some creeps when needed and maintain a safe distance between you and him.

Darius Counters - LoLalytics Darius Top versus Top Counters

Nasus in this matchup generally needs to freeze the lane extremely close to the tower. If he starts Q then level one all in him with a D blade.

The best champions that counter Darius are Quinn, Wukong, Gwen, Yorick and Vayne. You can find all the matchup tips we use in this guide on.

The best thing you can do is Eing his E. You can block his true damage with your E which can win you extended trades and block his ultimate chaining in team fights. Trending Comments Latest.

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If he saves his hook, depending on situation you have to back off. Play chicken always, and you will outscale him. Darius will look to reposition when using his Q. If he pulls you first, then auto him for your passive shield and hookshot away.

How To Counter Darius?

Winnable still if using your haymaker correctly with facebreaker. Never trade into him if he already has some bleed stacks on you, wait out the stacks before going in. Be carefull to his bleeding thing in your early laning phase.

To narrow the Darius counters to a specific skill level only, choose the desired skill level from the dropdown menu above. Late game vs Darius In team-fight scenarios versus Darius, it is important to keep track of him.

Darius typically will not take TP because he wants the lane pressure of either Ghost or Ignite. Counter Darius by forcing him into bad back timings where he.

Both are stronghowever, I think snowballing and solo carrying is easier on Darius while Garen is easier to pick up and less punishing. Neeko Neeko is a champion which is really similar to Kennen, use his long range to poke Darius down. You can poke him a bit early but after Stridebreaker you shouldn't try to fight at all. Watch out for his execute.

Darius Counter Picks: Best Matchups + Lane Counters ( Update)

He will hold you down and beat you to death. Failure to do so will get you killed. Darius Counter for Top Patch Let him shove in and only focus on stacking the cannon on the 3rd wave.

The best Darius counters in League of Legends - Dot Esports

Rush brambles and whom counter darius. It is important that you play a patient slow game, where you poke him down gradually.

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If he rushes armor, it gets much harder. I take ghost vs this matchup so he can't out speed you with spells unless he has Nimbus and you don't.

Want to know who counters Darius or who Darius counters? Updated counters synergies. Get yourself the best Darius counter picks!

If you play smart and use your passive within the correct timing, you'll get in and out of engages and potentially win the lane. Commonly, Braum receives less damage than Darius.

League of Legends Wild Rift Darius Counters are.

If you manage to get about two kills out of him, he can no longer beat you all the way early and mid game. If you get caught by his E you can stealth whom counter darius from Darius. Darius is only a threat to you if you are caught early or you're fighting without tentacles.

How to Beat Darius? Best Counter Tips: · Avoid trading early on. As mentioned above, Darius has more damage than most top lane champions in the.

Careful for his Lv 1 Brush cheese if you walk to lane! Volibear Top Typically, Tryndamere wins a terrific Avoid 1v1s if you can. Respect his damage and champion and outscale. In this matchup you never want to take extended trades as he will beat your ass. He recovers from stun too fast and pulls you back in He's getting less oppressive but I'm keeping him in major threats because of how easily you can lose this matchup with the tiniest mistake.

Statistically, these counter picks have a Higher Win Rate in patch The strongest counter would be Kayle, a moderately diffcult to play.

Normally, Poppy wins a acceptable You must not win this lane to win the game it's Darius. It doesn't matter if your E is a real life-saver sometimes.

Counter Tips & Tricks To Beat Darius in League Of Legends

This matchup is basically a test of courage, if you hold and fight back then it is won. Darius Power Spikes. If he wastes his hook, spin into Q while pressing W in between to mitigate damage from all his bleeds and his W. In Winning Matchup.

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Azir orders his soldiers to a target location, dealing damage and slowing anyone in their path. Just make sure to always go for all-ins with ignite. Often he will be running Flash and Ghost which is the scariest combination.

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Q — Decimate. For one, you have very similar healing to that of his Q, your well-timed disengage counters his pull, and your ultimate keeps him from hitting the outer perimeter of one of his spins. This makes sure that he can't use his E, and since you are staying close to him, his Q will deal reduced damage.

He is quite hard to counter but Akali has a much higher chance once she even slightly scales for example gains her ultimate on level 6.

Darius. The Hand of Noxus. Physical Damage. Fighter. Jungler. Top. General Counter Tips. k. Once his Apprehend is on cooldown, he is incredibly easy to.

Cannot remember the last time I have lost this match up and people pick into me all the time. His damage output is crazy and it's hard to win in lane unless you know what to look for. NEVER do extended trades.

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I like to play this matchup smart by not dying. Iron lord Morde by kohyss Diamond Mordekaiser Player. If you're not about to kill him and are above 3 stacks of his bleed, you should try to move towards your turret, and if he still sticks on you and you don't think you will be able to reach your turret without getting 5 stacks and taking way too much damage, or just dying, keep fighting. Afterwards try poking him with your q instead of battleling him face first.

What counters Darius? · Picking a hard trading champion and beating him by just outtrading him. · Picking a champion that pokes incredibly hard.

When you get Rhaast and Grievous Wounds you may be able to kill him. Usar la W para los trades. I have gotten Ghost cheesed too many times in this matchup. How to Counter Darius?

Move towards him if he is going to land his (Q) spin so you can prevent a bleed stack & blind his (W) to prevent the 90% slow. Regardless of what you may think.

Take Teleport. Darius has no mobility and is susceptible to crowd control abilities. You can stand in the center of his Q Decimate, the ability when he swings his axe in a circle to do damage.

Q1 inside diameter chemical hose safe, but if you don't space Q2 perfectly, he can pull you even if you E away. Hopefully he will not know how to deal with your proxy, because laning against him stacks the odd in his favor.

The best way to beat Darius in the top lane is to use burst damage and crowd control. If he does pull you, Q him immediately and W and just focus on dodging his Q. Don't push your whom counter darius and manage your waves well!

W to block damage of his R He outscales at Steraks and level 16 tho. Rush armor and health and ask for ganks. He is very immobile.

The best Darius counters in League of Legends

Also Darius' Apprehend E gives him the opportunity to ruin the flow of your combo by pulling you out of your 3rd Qsince he can react to the animation beginning,!!

Phrxshn's Guide to Rework Dr. Darius as a champion in very predictable, thus if you have a vision on him he will be crippled. I don't know, but you get the point.

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She's whom counter darius of a lane bully and can poke Darius often. He will win. Kite like a bitch and you should be fine.

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Camille Guide for Camille players! They have the next lowest winrates against Darius. If he doesn't build tabis he is quite squishy. He is not a full on tank but more of a bruiser, so build Tri-Force and Black Cleaver.

Just make sure when he leaves your W to use Tongue Lash Q to leave him slow and impossible to hit you if you are still stacked. Bait him with your jungler or all in him with ignite when an important cd is down.

Consider Ignite, or ban him out. Just pray to God that he's playing Darius because he's broken.

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Spacing between each other and freezing the wave properly under your tower will limit Darius's ability to bully you in lane until you outscale him at 3 items.

Who counter darius